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Love this game so much. So so so much. Wish i could carry it around with me. i just play it over and over again. Wonderful job! The perfect bite of a game. Absolutely charming and great for anyone who loves perfect platforming but starts of easy as to train you into the mindset. Worth the money. The set theming is great and rex is adorable. it's my comfort game :)

Thank you so much for the kind words. I'm happy it brought you some joy!


I bought your game on Steam Sale and I loved it. Platformers where I can just run through a beautiful world and collect some stuff are close to my heart <3 I hope you will release another game like this in the future.
Also I could translate your game and descriptions to Polish if you want to.

Thank you for the comment, I'm glad you enjoyed it! 

I love this game :)

I'm really glad you liked it! Thank you for saying so, it's always nice to hear. <3

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That was a fun experience. I just completed the game in ~75 minutes with 777/777 coins but I only got the normal ending. Looks like I'm missing one gem. Is there a quick way to know in what zone to look or do I need to backtrack everywhere to find it? I'm pretty sure I'm only missing one. Regardless, it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the challenge near the end. Thanks!

Edit: I've just found a full map online and I'm now 100% positive I got all gems. Also, they're all surrounded by coins so it's hard to get 777 coins and not all gems. Unless I'm really missing something? hahaha ! Anyway, it was great fun. Congrats for your game!

Edit 2: Oh... I think I've seen something on the map I was missing... don't want to write spoilers here for other thought...

I'm glad you enjoyed it! 

It sounds like you figured out how to get the Secret Ending, and that it involves finding a different way to leave the island instead of the door on the airship, I hope!

(If not, there was a hint in the Normal Ending text).

Thank you for leaving such kind comments!

I enjoyed the game so much, that I included it in a new Hidden Gems Youtube Series:

Thanks for making a fun game <3

Thank you for sharing! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed playing this! Nice retro look, great soundtrack, and the open-world with checkpoints system makes for a very smooth difficulty curve; I never felt too stuck to keep going, even when a particular puzzle was giving me trouble. Well done!

Thank you for taking the time to let me know you enjoyed it, I appreciate it!

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Linux version: After extracting, must extract AGAIN.

Then install libgconf as a prereq. Game will then run! 8)

This is a great tight platformer where the central idea (open world platformer) is well executed. Really enjoyed my playthrough, thought the difficulty level was well pitched throughout, the art thoroughly charming and the music toe–tappingly good 👏

Thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate it!

Am I the only one who can't even open the Linux version? there seems to be a single file inside the downloaded .gz, which is identified as an archive of some sort but can't seem to be opened by any archive manager.

Unfortunately I don't have Linux to test it: the Linux version was put together by a fan who helped out. If it doesn't work at all, I may have to remove it from the page. I'm sorry it didn't work!

I was able to get it working on Manjaro 5.6.16-1 XFCE. The file is actually a tar archive which is meant to be extracted just like the gz (My default archive manager, Engrampa Archive Manager, was able to do it. There should be something that can extract tar archives available for any linux version). Once it was extracted I had to run "sudo ./nw" in the terminal to run it, as the desktop file didn't work for me, and the sh file depends on input from the desktop file. It appears that once sudo has been run one time, subsequent runs of the game do not need super user permissions, and can be modified to run the game by changing the 2nd line in the file to "./nw 2>>error.log" Once run, it works perfectly.

That is a bizarre couple of hoops to jump through, but for Linux Mint Engrampa did indeed work where 3 other archive managers had failed. Every time I run it I either get 2 or 4 errors depending on whether I run it with sudo, and editing to launch by itself didn't work. The audio is always intolerably stuttery no matter what I do, sounds like maybe a buffering issue?

Here's what it gives me on launch when I use sudo:

  • LaunchProcess: failed to execvp:
    /home/user/Games/Rex Another Island/linux64/nacl_helper [13745:13745:0712/] Bad NaCl helper startup ack (0 bytes) [13743:13766:0712/] Failed to open NaCl IRT file "/home/user/Games/Rex Another Island/linux64/nacl_irt_x86_64.nexe": -4

To make matters worse, the Windows release doesn't even seem to want to work via Wine.

I tried the wine version on my computer and it did not work either. When I looked up your error message I found a couple of other people on itch with this issue and it seems like it has something to do with WebGL or having chromium or nodejs installed? Link 1  Link 2   Link 3  I hope this helps a bit, I'm not good enough with Linux to dissect this problem much further.

What a relaxing and smart game!!! :D it seems only a enormous world (not levels o areas). The game reminds me of my time playing Spectrum and MSX, but better! with a cute T-REX! very great job here, congratulations! ^^

Thank you very much!

awesome game!!


Hey, there's an error on the script file used to launch the game, you should replace all instaces of $1 with $PWD since that's how you get the current working directory. Now, to get the directory where the currently running script is place gets a bit more complicated. Also, you can set "Path" on the desktop file, which sets the working directory, so you can set it like:


and it changes the path to whatever %k is which would be the path where the desktop file is placed.

I hope that helps.

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Nevermind, I've just looked at the desktop file and you put the directory where the game is located as an argument to the game.

Weird. The problem is that the itch client tries to run the script directly instead of launching the desktop file as it should be.

Launching the desktop file without modifying anything works as normal. I should report this itch client bug to the developers of the itch client.

Anyways, thanks.

Thank you bringing this to my attention! Rex was made before itch had a client (I've not even used it yet myself), so I have no idea how it plays with it. I'm glad you managed to get the game working, and I'll see if it's anything I can fix on my end as well.

No problem! By the way, I opened an issue on the itch client project and they took notice. The issue's page by the way:

Much appreciated!

Thanks for posting this. I was able to modify the file and got the game to launch properly from the itch client.

I sent an error report to itch when the file failed to launch the game originally. 

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I have played your game, and I like it allot. I made this from the presskit, and logo of the game. I just wanted a 3D box for using in my gaming frontend to launch the game. Hoping this does not break any rules. I just wanted to share the passion I have for retro games.  


This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing it, I really liked seeing it!

You are absolutely welcome!

It was very cool 2 hours, thank you very much. 

You are very welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed it. ^..^


What about a linux version?


We're in the process of getting a Mac and Linux build working for version 2.0 when it releases in October. We can't guarantee that everything will work right, like gamepad support, but we're going to try.



Wonderful little game! Love the graphic style and the large world to explore.

Looks adorable :) but what could this retro game possibly be doing that would require a 3.4GHz i5??? o_O

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Welcome to the perils of having an idea and not really thinking it through. When making Rex, we wanted the entire game to be one big open level, with no loading. As a result, the game is one big open level that's active and loaded all the time, which uses a lot more CPU than you'd think. We've tried to optimize it so that things not immediately visible on screen don't use up as much memory or processing, but there are limits to what we can do with Construct2. 

The game can run on lower specs, especially if you toggle Performance Mode which removes a lot of particle systems, but we're not sure where the minimum is since we've only got our own PCs to test with. The recommended specs are based on our own systems, which is probably a bit overkill, but we'd rather be safe than sorry.

We've learned a lot from making Rex, and if we were going to try doing an open world platformer again, we'd certainly do it differently.

Finished it in just over an hour minutes with the gem ending. I really enjoyed it, and kind of want to speedrun it, but I have a few issues which I'll get to after a quick review. For $2 it's totally worth it if you like a really clean short exploration platformer [a few very tricky sections, but most are pretty fair and the checkpoints are generally very forgiving].

1. As someone who frequently uses the map, it's very easy to accidentally fast travel to another area, killing progress, which is really frustrating and happened about 6 times to me throughout the game. I really think the input for fast travel should be changed to avoid this.
2. I finished the game with 769 coins. The last of which are guarded by the teleporting enemies at the bottom of the airship. This is by far the most cruel section in the game, and doesn't feel fair at all. I've tried this section many times now and haven't even found a way to consistently get past the first enemy, let alone the rest. I really think this should be changed significantly. I know you want this area to be challenging, but this is too much. I really want to get the coin ending [I think I found the secret door to get this ending already] but this section is gatekeeping me pretty hard.

We're glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for the comment!

1. With regards to the fast-travel system and losing progress, we're looking into a different way of handling the map so as to prevent accidental warps. If you accidentally teleport to a different area, you can use Respawn (R on Keyboard, Y on Gamepad) to go back to the last checkpoint, which should be close to where you last were.

2. We've looked at the "Three Swappers" and made a small adjustment to the Dead Swapper on the ceiling, to make the initial part of it easier. Those changes are in v1.1, but do require starting a new game unfortunately.